Eye tests and hearing tests in Willington Surgery.

Your sight and hearing are precious

If you know it’s time you had an eye test or hearing test, OutsideClinic now provides both of these services locally at Willington Surgery. We are an accredited NHS provider, and we have eye and ear specialists across the UK providing home eye tests and hearing tests for those who are unable to access high street services, find out more about our home service. We have been looking after people’s sight and hearing in the comfort of their own homes for over 30 years, and now also partner with GP surgeries in order to offer this service in the heart of the community.

Eye tests

When was your last eye test?
Regular eye tests are important - not just to check if you need glasses, but also to monitor the health of your eyes. Eye conditions can be picked up early, giving you the best possible chance of being treated before anything becomes more serious. There is now an Optician on the first floor of Willington Surgery with appointments available every Tuesday. We have a range of frames available to choose from if needed, with something to suit everyone’s face and budget.
What does the eye test include?
Your eye test will include all the usual visual and health checks, including tests for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration, as well as a picture of the back of your eye at no extra charge. This allows us to compare year-on-year the health of the back of your eye and monitor any changes much more effectively.
Free NHS funded eye tests
If you are entitled to NHS eye tests, you may also be entitled to help towards the cost of any glasses - you can check this at www.tinyurl.com/nhsentitlement or call 0800 954 9109. If you don’t qualify, you can have a private eye test for only £20.

To book, simply call 0800 954 9109.

Free hearing tests

Do you or someone you know, need a hearing test?
If you are finding it hard to hear in certain situations, having to turn up the volume on the TV or radio, or mishearing what people say, then it may be time to book a free hearing check. We can provide this service on the first floor of Willington Surgery without a referral from your GP. If you are unsure whether you need a hearing test, why not try our easy online hearing checker at www.outsideclinic.co.uk/hearing-test-at-home. You can also attend one of our free hearing screening clinics in the surgery.
What does the hearing test include?
Our qualified, experienced audiologist will ask you a few questions about the situations in which you are struggling to hear clearly. They will then perform a hearing health check and explain their findings to you. If it is found that you have hearing loss, they can suggest the best solution for your particular type of hearing loss and recommend aids based on the level of technology you’d like as well as how you’d like them to look and feel.
Free NHS funded hearing aids
If you are aged 55 or over, you can have an NHS hearing test and may be able to get free NHS-funded digital hearing aids. Just ask us about this when you call to book.
Blocked ears?
Sometimes our ears can produce too much wax, which often leads to the uncomfortable feeling of blocked ears. You may need to get this wax removed and our trained audiologists can do this using a method known as microsuction. This can be a safer method of wax removal than traditional irrigation, as it does not involve using water in the ear canal. This service costs £35 for one ear or £55 for both.

To book, simply call 0800 954 9107.


"The hearing aids are excellent and we can wear them all day as they are so comfortable."

“First class service, first class people, friendly, professional and brilliant, many thanks.”

“I had never met any opticians as good as them at recognising my problems and recommending solutions.”